Wednesday, 11 November 2015

1710-19 Vivaldi is a sensation, Handel a joker, Bach a prisoner and Corelli saves his best for last

Welcome to the 1710s, the greatest decade so far in this Greatest Hitstory of Music! This is mainly thanks to the music of Vivaldi (32 choices!), now in his early 30s and Bach (17 choices), Telemann (16), Handel (15) all in their 20s coming into the decade with a supporting cast of slightly older composers in their 40s and 50s being Albinoni (9), Corelli (7) and a couple of others who I’ll come to. 

As well as the excellent new music Jean-Antoinne Watteau is the first really important artist to emerge in decades, Daniel Defoe makes a great contribution to literature while in the realm of philosophical thought Leibniz even invents the theory of philosophical optimism! All this was born out of a new positive social mood round Europe perhaps caused in part by King Louis XIV's 72 year reign and the War of Spanish Succession that went on throughout most of the last decade finally coming to an end.

Change is in the air. Let’s take it year by year......

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