Sunday, 15 November 2015

1712 Telemann

Come 1712 we find no Vivaldi but some more oboe, this time from Telemann from whom I can also pick a flute concerto and a recorder and flute concerto. I was reserving judgement on Telemann. He seems to be a composer who could be accused of going for quantity over quality being named in the Guinness Book of Records as the most prolific composer in history, whilst also being responsible for quite a lot of dull, uninteresting music. That said, although Telemann’s music is often quite simple he could still pen a nice tune.


Thomas Newcomen invented steam powered engine in England which was used to pump water out of mines and one of the key inventions that led to the industrial revolution about 50 years later


Telemann, G.P.: Overtures - Concertos - Chamber Music TWV52 e1 II double concerto for Recorder and Flute in E minor

Telemann, G.P.: Wind Concertos, Vol. 1 - Twv 51:E1:II Alla breve

Telemann, G.P.: Wind Concertos, Vol. 4 - Twv 51:e1:II Allegro Molto

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