Thursday, 12 November 2015

1710 Vivaldi

We begin as we mean to go on with an allegro from a Vivaldi violin concerto. Vivaldi is still at an early stage in his career and this is the last piece from the period before his music becomes exceptionally brilliant.

Antonio Vivaldi Vivaldi:Concerti per violino  Concerto per violinoIn Fa Maggiore RV Anh.130: I. Allegro DeuterFlorian & Harmonie Universelle (the second track 16)


As if to set the scene for this new decade of positivity Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz  (1646-1716) published his essays on ‘the goodness of God, the freedom of man and the origin of evil’ setting out a new philosophy in which he put forward the idea that we actually live in the best possible of all possible worlds. This was because the world has free will. The cause of all evil and imperfections in the world was the existence of free will but to have a world without free will would be inferior. God therefore had created the best possible world. This optimistic view of the world was not without its critics.

....and on to the next year!

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